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My Etsy Store
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Online Party Store

I am pleased to announce my new online party store where I have put all the creations that my daughter and I have put together for all the birthday party themes we have created. There are way too many party decorations to list here so the site is the perfect place for you to see and view all the party decorations. Don't see what you are looking for? Just contact me through the site and I will be happy to work with you to create the perfect party for your child's special day. No party ideas are too big or too small. We are constantly adding new items all the time so please don't hesitate to ask!!

Thanks for looking!


Monday, April 25, 2011

It's been a while since I have had a chance to blog and create a new birthday party package for my online store but Kelley and I are so proud of our Ernie and Rubber Ducky party decorations we just had to share pictures with you!

This package was created for a lady whose son is turning 2. They live in Texas and apparently little Andrew is obsessed with Ernie and his rubber ducky. The best part of handmade decorations is the old saying, "if you can dream it, you can create it." When she explained what she was looking for, the ideas started to pop out of my head and the more we did, the more ideas we had. We HAD to get these decorations in the mail no later than today because Andrew's party is this Saturday but even at 11:00 PM last night, Andrew's mom was thinking of things she still needed and we were busy creating them for her....

We are very proud of this creation and you can see details here:

Happy 2nd Birthday Andrew!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Please visit my new blog

I would love to have you visit my new blog:


In this blog I am focusing on creating the perfect birthday party celebration. Whether you are young, old, or in between, birthdays are special! Birthdays celebrate life, the most precious gift we have as human beings and it brings people together in love to help celebrate that life! What happier times do we spend together than when we celebrate, especially when we celebrate in honor of someone so important to us!

I would love your comments, suggestions, and sharing your own ideas for all of us when it comes to planning and having the best birthday celebration possible!

Thanks for looking!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Now that all the equipment is working again...

Its been a couple of weeks or more since I have posted but when I tell you my little story you will get why. My precious Gypsy (which we will call the green gypsy) broke and had to be sent back to Provocraft. Thank goodness it was still under warranty but I just couldn't wait on committments I had made for it to come back (I actually got a brand new one with the same serial code). So...I bought a new one and priority shipped it along with duplicate cartridges because we know you cannot use the cartridges in more than one Gypsy. My daughter and I busily recreated all the designs we needed to continue our projects in the new Gypsy (which is now the pink Gypsy). Whew we were able to continue but then a week ago Thursday, PC came out with a content update for the Gypsy. So I plugged it into my computer and proceeded to do the update but it wouldn't finish. I got on the Cricut.com community chat right away and found out others were having similar issues and the recommendation/advice was to reformat the Gypsy and the update should work during the reformatting. Okay, so I do this and complete wipe out my cartridge content in my pink 2nd Gypsy. Not a good think.

After many tears and stressful moments, I decide to purchase Design Studio so I can again continue working on my projects and for the third time proceed to recreate my designs in a new program. Then 2 days later while still in the process of recreating the designs, green Gypsy (first broken gypsy)arrives. Do I dare try to update it? Well I have to because it has no cartridges except the ones that come preloaded from PC so with lots of prayers and crossed fingers...I plug it in to update and it does it smooth as silk the first time through. In the meantime I forgot to mention for 8 days I continue to try to get the pink Gypsy up and running again and reloading the cartridge content. Also during this long process and many hours on the cricut.com message board I learned that I could have actually backed up my projects in a document file on my computer (which of course I found out after I wiped out the pink Gypsy to reformat it but I have done since on 2 computers and a zip drive just in case).

I think well if the Green Gypsy updated so easily, the PC server must be fixed so Pink Gypsy should also upate...nope....3 more days go by and we save all our files to green Gypsy and Design Studio and we share between the two and we are on top of the world but still pink Gypsy isn't working and its only 30 days old. Ready on Monday to get on the dreaded hour long wait phone call with PC, I decide to try one more time and reformat Pink Gypsy again...what do I have to lose afterall I had lost it all already. GUESS WHAT...it reloaded and updated and now after many lost hours, many lost tears, and a few unmentionable moments, I have 2 working gypsy machines and design studio on my computer all in working order and this picture represents catch up over the weekend for the projects I had committed to getting done!

YIPEE is all I can say!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lollipop tree

Had a great day cardmaking with my card ladies. 28 visited today! Been a while since I posted a new project so decided to give Kudos to my hubby...his lollipop tree and my die cuts together make a great birthday party centerpiece/favor piece....

Monday, January 31, 2011

Support your cause

Todays challenge at FCCB is to make a project in honor of a cause you support. For me that is very easy...its to support the troops. My oldest 2 children are both soldiers in the U.S. Army. My daughter is stationed in Alaska and will be deploying to Afghanastan in a couple of months for an entire year. My son is an engineer and is finishing up his school requirements before he gets sent to his next duty station.

We are very proud of both of them but everyday is a challenge keeping strong, keeping them strong, and praying for their safety. As a mom, no matter what, that will never change!

Love you Jon and Amanda

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mickey and Minnie favor cups

My Disney Mickey and Friends cartridge was the very first cartridge I ever bought. Since it has been forever since I have picked it up, I decided that since the Sesame Street favor cups were such a hit I would create a similar project using Mickey and Minnie for a birthday party. Here is what I came up with. The party hat is from Elmo's party (another cartridge I actually have never used) and so are the birthday numbers. I love working with vinyl. It adds such a flare to almost any project. What child wouldn't love these party favors at their party!!??

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More party decorations

My business is growing and the demand for my party decorations is increasing each week. I am in heaven and I love to create the next perfect party decorations for a special little boy or girl.

This weekend we added dessert size plates to our Sesame Street collection using the same faces that we are putting on the cups. The plastic cup lady I found and I are new best friends! She is a sweet retired lady and her and her husband have this small business on E-bay to help supplement their retirement years. I love the fact that I am helping her small business as she supplies the items I need to help mine. I ordered 144 cups from her mid-week and they won't be here until tomorrow but already 120 are sold~ I will need more this week again!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bridal Shower Centerpiece decoration

Today I finished up the decorations for my niece's bridal shower which will be next Saturday. I made a banner, I made pillow boxes emmbossed in hearts with daisies and butterflies for the favors, and I made this centerpiece today...Oh I also made 3 of my purse and compact sets for the door prizes.

Of course I forgot to take pictures of the banner and the party favors and they already got sent to my sister-in-law to set up for the shower BUT I did take pictures today of the finished centerpiece. I usually do all my party centerpieces in plastic pails as you can see by looking through my blog entries but of course a plastic pail is just not elegant enough for a bridal shower so I decided to stack these adorable matching boxes. I glued the top on on the lid of the middle and the same for the middle to lid of the largest. The boxes can still be used by the bride afterwards as home decor or for storage on her vanity. I used the wedding solution cartridge to get my images for the centerpiece die cuts. I tried to use as much shimmer paper and embossing details as I could to make it elegant and not just plain Jane for this centerpiece. I also added daisies in the bottom as the daisies and butterflies are her wedding theme in purple and silver. Finally I added the same ribbon we used on her wedding invitations to the bottom edge of each box and a few pearls and there it is....I love the way it turned out.

When I googled ideas for making bridal shower centerpieces I came up with hardly anything....I hope this will inspire others to make your own centerpieces. I will share pictures after next Saturday of the whole decoration set up so you can see how the colors, theme, etc came together and tied together.

Thanks for reading my blog!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sesame Street party favor cups

This project has been in my head for a long time. I have just been so busy filling orders and holding workshops I did not have time to get it put together. I finally stopped everything to get these adorable cups made up and it came together as I had invisioned or maybe even better.

I had wanted to do big bird too but did not like the way he came out so switched the yellow cup to Bert instead and he is adorable. I am going to get orange cups and do Ernie because, well how good is Bert without Ernie anyway?

These are perfect party favors for the birthday guests and I don't think I could have adjusted the faces as well without my Gypsy...I just love that machine and the possibilities are endless in creating with it.