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Monday, August 30, 2010

I am ready for Toy Story!

In anticipation of finally being able to get my hands on the Toy Story cricut cartridge (I bought it today and it ships within 3 business days yipee!) I spent the weekend coming up with a cute birthday invite to go with my next bouquet/centerpiece in the Toy Story theme. Its all designed and ready to cut on my gypsy, I have adorable Toy Story pails to build the bouquet in. Can you tell my obsession with Toy Story?!! Its Disney, my husband and daughter work at Disney so its a big part of our lives but I fell in LOVE with the movies. Never even saw any of them until they released number 3 but when I watched the previews for TS3 I thought it was cute but would probably make a lot more sense if I saw the other 2 first so I watched them on TV and much to my surprise, laughed a LOT!!

Anyway, after that, my anticipation to create Toy Story birthday party bouquets and invites grew and grew and so here after having a few hours to create something new this weekend, is my invitations!

Hope you like them...I can even velcro the face pieces so that it becomes interactive and more of a keepsake for the children invited to the party!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wedding Scrapbook pages

Today I finally finished a project for a lady who is in a bridal party and wanted to give a gift to the bride and groom. She saw my paperdolls on my Etsy Store so asked me to make the wedding party so she could frame it as a gift. I cut the pages down to 10 x 20 to fit the frame she found and she gave me description of the bridal party; the dress colors, the hair colors, the tux colors, etc. This is the finished project. I also made her a page for the mother of the bride and she liked that one so much, asked for a second for another friend's mom who is getting married in the future. Hard to see in the pictures but I added Martha Stewart glitter to accent and highlight a lot of the pieces like the flowers, the bride's dress, the butterflies, etc. The glitter gives it that elegant touch that you are looking for with a project like this..

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tropical purse with a bonus!

Yesterday I made this purse for my aunt's birthday. The tropical paper is from Stampin Up called Island Oasis. You can go to my Stampin Up website from my blog on the right and find this paper but it is soooo cute. The pattern for the purse is sold by another demonstrator and I purchased it from her but I wanted to add some detail so I made the sunglasses from the FOREVER YOUNG cricut cartridge along with the "DESIGNER TAG" I added to the purse handle. I cut the buckles for the handles of the purse out of GEORGE as well using the square silloutte. There is a set of 4 matching all-occasion cards inside the purse and my bonus...

How about that adorable compact? The original idea also came from another Stampin Up Demonstrator but she used round shapes to make hers. I could not find round post-it notes at all but I did find the hexagon post-it notes so I created my compact pieces with the GEORGE CARTRIDGE. I ran one layer through the big shot with swiss dots to give it some dimension. The adorable bling lipstick is actually a pen! So the compact is really a note pad and pen for the purse! Great gift idea!

When I checked in with FCCB today to see the challenge, it was a tropical theme so my purse and compact are going into the contest for today's challenge! How perfect is that?!!

UPDATE: I won a prize for this entry...my first win ever! So very happy!!
Fantabulous Cricut

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Olivia the Pig? Who is that?

I was asked if I could make one of my birthday bouquets of Olivia the Pig from Nick Jr. Well I said of course I can....as soon as I figure out who that is!

Olivia apparently is a very popular show for children on Nick Jr. She has a family and a dog and a cat and she loves the color red, hair bows, and some other things.

Of course there is no cricut program with Nick Jr. characters so this one really forced me to think outside the box and my comfort zone. One of the things about working with Cricut is the more you work with it, the more creative and inspired you can be! I soon realized I could paper piece anything with a little imagination and I went to work on Olivia and her pets!

I of course did use my Cricut to make the happy birthday sign, the child's name on the pail, and the birthday gift that says celebrate.

The customer loved it....and that is all that matters to me!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ugh! Computers....

For the second time in two weeks I have had to start my computer from scratch. It is so hard to loose everything and have to remember how to find and rebuild all your sites, your work lost, etc....this time however I got a new computer so hopefully this won't happen again for another 10 years! I know I was lucky that my computer was good to me for so long but it NEVER comes at a good time to have to start all over and loose everything!

I am so busy with projects and requests through my Etsy Store but I am happy to share my newest creation. Its another wedding card but look closely at the font...that is my new excitement is all the very cool fonts I am finding to incorporate into my projects like the invitations to make them so much more special...and the best part? the fonts can be downloaded for FREE!!!! No one wants to hand write their invitations anymore and lately that has been the number one question when inquiring about ordering invites for birthdays, baby showers, etc. Can you print the party info for us so we don't have to handwrite all those invitations? Obviously on a wedding invite you wouldn't want to LOL! So I decided I better make sure I can print the invites for everything instead of stamping the lines and where, when how, etc...for me it had to be something eye catching beyond basic printed font so that is why I started looking for something to make the invites stand out and unique!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Party like a rock star!

I haven't blog all week...but its been a hectic one. Had a great time Saturday with all the wonderful ladies who came to my workshop! We made some cute, cute cards and had a nice afternoon. Got paper ordered too so we can make my niece's wedding invitations for her February 2011 wedding and she is very excited...

Here is my latest creation! The kids in the band rocking out birthday bouquet! I had a lady contact me and ask me if I could do anything rock band for her son's birthday party! Had a great time with this one!!